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Blank page text styles

Bob Zawalich
In the process of figuring out how to write out  blank page text I learned
that the text styles for these were never added to the ManusScript text
style documentation.

That document includes a couple of styles that I think were used in the
pre-Sib 6 title pages (which were hidden bars), and these are


I see no way to generate text with those styles in the current UI.

I got the style names below from the Create>Text menu in Sib 7.5, and
generated the styleids with a plugin.  They could be useful if you have to
Text on a blank page or title page. I note that you should use the system
staff when writing with


and if you ever try to locate existing blank page text, they will show up as
SystemTextItems in the system staff.

These are the blank page text styles as of Sib 7.5:

Boxed text (on blank page) - text.blankpage.boxed
Composer (on blank page) - text.blankpage.composer
Dedication (on blank page) - text.blankpage.dedication
Instrument name at top left (on blank page) - text.blankpage.instrumentname
Plain text (on blank page) - text.blankpage.plain
Plain text, centered (on blank page) - text.blankpage.plain.centered
Subtitle (on blank page) - text.blankpage.subtitle
Title (on blank page) - text.blankpage.title

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