Limit for Number of Methods in a Single Plugin?

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Limit for Number of Methods in a Single Plugin?

Martin Marris
Today I came across a scary issue. One of our key plugins had vanished from
the Plugins menu, even though the file was in the correct folder. When I
clicked on "edit plugins" I could find it there and open it for "editing"
... but all the dialogs were blank (Methods, Dialogs, Data).

This is a plugin to which I had recently added a new Method. So what I did
next was to open the plugin in a text editor, and delete the code for the
new Method. When I then rebooted Sibelius, everything was back to normal.

The "trigger" for the plugin becoming "invisible" to Sibelius was 62 Methods
(including "Run" and "Initialize). The plugin now has 61 Methods and is
working fine. I will do some more housekeeping to delete a few more Methods
from the plugin (a few of them are no longer used).

Is this a known issue?

(Initially I thought that perhaps my recently added Method contained "bad
code" or something. However I have since discovered that I could fix the
plugin by deleting any method; not just that recently-added one.)

Best from


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