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Potential new plug-in developer

Tony Freixas

Hi, everyone,

I just signed up for this list and received a message asking me to introduce myself.

I was a software engineer and got my hands dirty in a number of areas. Things went well and I managed to retire early.

I have played the piano (poorly) for about 50 years. At one time, I banged out chords in a band that played for English Country dances.

When I was a teenager, I tried to compose piano music, but never got anywhere with it. When I was in the English Country dance band, I wrote a few 32-bar waltzes. But I started really composing classical music when I was almost 61. I started using MuseScore and eventually graduated to Sibelius.

I've written a number of pieces for wind quintet as I have a group of performer friends who come over and play my music. I also have some other solos, duets, trios and quartets, as well as a piece for orchestra that is scheduled to be performed in the fall. Some of my works have been performed already, either formally or informally; I even connected with a quintet in Germany (I live on the west coast of the US), who have and will perform some pieces for friends.

You can hear my music at composer.freixas.org.

The introductory message from the list seems to think that you all are interested in the hardware I use to produce music. It doesn't seem that interesting to me—I have the usual assortment of PCs (no Macs). MIDI controllers, headphones, speakers and cables. I am using the latest version of Sibelius.

Tony Freixas
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