Pure Function Call Crashes During File I/O

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Pure Function Call Crashes During File I/O

Martin Marris

Over the past few months I’ve found that calls that open a file, save it, close it, then open another file (or the same one) are tricky and often cause “Pure Function Call” crashes of Sibelius 6.


My remedy of choice has been to separate these calls into separate Methods and call these methods one after the other from the Run method.


At one point I thought the problem was that I was issuing calls from inside For-Each loops, but even after taking out those loops and substituting them with calls to array members, the crashes persisted.


Anyway, it’s all working OK as long as I use the procedures described above (using separate Methods). But I wonder whether anyone has insights as to what I was doing wrong?


It’s almost as if Sibelius.Close() is not completely closing the file, or something.


(At one point I wondered whether setting score.Redraw = False was the issue but setting it to True doesn’t seem to reduce the crashes.)


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