Submitting a new plugin - how?

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Submitting a new plugin - how?

How do you submit a new plugin for inclusion in the list at   ?

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Re: Submitting a new plugin - how?

Bob Zawalich-3
This is the official page describing this. It says to send them to Sam

I have been sending mine to Joe Pearson instead, and I think that might be
better ([hidden email])

When you send it in, it is helpful to provide all the information that would
appear on the download page as a description so they will not have to figure
it out.

Here is a simple example

Add Fake Barlines To Bars
Version 01.15.00
Category Lines

Adds one or more vertical lines to each selected bar to serve as ''fake''
barlines. The line can span all the staff lines or only part of them by
adjusting the Top and Bottom settings as viewed in the Inspector.

The line styles of any lines present in the score will appear in the list

You can add a ''Between Staves'' Special Barline at the same time.

You can divide up a bar with multiple fake barlines. No extra space is
allocated for these lines, so you will likely need to space manually.

Re versions: it is not required but it is helpful to have a version number
in a plugin  and to update it when you update a plugin on the download page.
I have a number of management plugins that will look for a global variable
called zg_VersionNumber whose value is a 6-digit number, 2 digits for major
version, minor version, and sub-version/patch, similar to what Sib uses for
its own versions. Using a number in this form makes it easy to compare
numerically with another copy of a plugin of the same name.

I always put the version number on plugin dialogs so it is easy to tell if
it is the most recent. I have a routine I use to split up the numbers so
there are periods for display. It is included in my plugin Minimum Plugin
(category Developers' Tools) which provides a pretty useful template for new
plugins, providing some simple tools and score checks you will often want to


        BuildVersionText "(versionNumber) {
// this assumes that versionNumber is of the form
// Major version (2 digits) & Minor Version (2 digts) & Patch (2 digits)
// it builds up text version of the version number so only a single value
needs to be updated

str = '' & versionNumber;
vText = _VersionText & Substring(str, 0, 2) & '.' & Substring(str, 2, 2) &
'.' & Substring(str, 4, 2);
return vText;

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How do you submit a new plugin for inclusion in the list at   ?

Plugin-dev mailing list
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Plugin-dev mailing list
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