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Bob Zawalich-3

One thing about 2014.4 and plugins is that now when Sibelius delete bar 1, or a selection containing bar 1, it transfers any system text and blank page data to the bar that will occupy the same position that bar 1 used to occupy.


So, for example, Add Pickup Bar does not need to move the data when running in 2018.4.


I had to update a few plugins, such as Split Bar, Merge Bars, and Resize Bar, which handled this scenario, so that  we did not end up with doubled system text. I updated Add Pickup Bar and Delete Leading Empty Bars as well, and plan to see  if I messed any as people complain.


One thing to note: if you have a selection with the first bar selected and you call bar.Delete(), it WILL NOT restore the system data. However, if you select the bar with a system selection, and then delete the selection, it will restore it.


You can safely replace a single bar.Delete() with


            selection = score.Selection;




            selection.RestoreSelection(); // now the original selection is restored.


And if you are saving and restoring the selection elsewhere you can skip the save and restore steps. This is actually a better way to delete a range of bars anyway.


There may be other issues with plugins that are side effects of the changes made in 2018.4, which I think are actually quite useful. If anyone encounters any please let me know and post here.

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